Metal Siding and Exteriors

Metal Siding and Exteriors

Adding metal siding exteriors to your house or building is the perfect renovation. By upgrading or replacing metal siding, you’re investing in beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly cladding to last the next 40 to 60 years, with minimal maintenance costs.

Our metal exteriors are customized to the needs of every customer to ensure a perfect fit, using concealed fasteners. Complemented by custom trims and accessories and the cost savings of local production, it’s no surprise that exterior contractors in Saskatoon prefer to work with us on metal siding installation projects.

Metal Siding Cost

With 14 years of experience in metal siding manufacture and installation, we love working on commercial roofing installation, replacement, rebranding, and customization projects. For DIY’ers adding metal siding to a house, you can trust our experience in producing custom products to ensure every job turns out just like the customer imagined, and lasts even longer.

Custom Metal Roofing

Why Metal Siding?

Always popular for commercial buildings, metal siding is becoming increasingly common on domestic buildings, too, and for good reason. Steel framing and cladding is easy to install and replace, offering a low-maintenance solution to add durability and strength to a building, while requiring less maintenance.

In addition to being stylish and sustainable, steel cladding can improve a building’s energy efficiency, repel insects and mold, and survive the harshest weather conditions. With the right design and finish, metal siding is an exterior renovation that blends seamlessly with the building’s exterior look. Hidden-fasteners integrate the siding into a design, and seamless lines can draw the eye towards the key features of the building.

We make steel cladding easy.